White pearls from White South Sea – A review on Pearl Jewelry

The Pearl Source Reviews

White South Sea pearls are also known as honorary pearls. The jewelry designs made of this type of pearls are regarded as honorary pearl jewelry. Pure white South Sea pearls are really difficult to culture hence they are not so commonly found in the pearl jewelry stores. Very few online stores specializing in pearl jewelry sell White South Sea pearl jewels and jewelry made of this pearl in really unique designs and varieties.

The White South Sea pearls range in size from 9mm to 18 mm and the biggest of this variety of pearls are very rare. With certified pearl stores online that sell authentic White South Sea pearls one can shop for bigger and brighter White South Sea pearls. The bigger varieties of South Sea white pearls can be adorned in gold rings, pendants and chandelier ear rings to make the jewel piece look really grand.

White South Sea…

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The Pearl Source Reviews

Founded in Los Angeles in 1991, The Pearl Source has become the premier importers and wholesalers of pearls in the country. Since conception, the company has evolved into a family-run business, importing Akoya pearls, the South Sea pearls and freshwater pearls from across the globe.

In addition to providing loose, real pearls, the company is a leading expert in creating custom-made pearl jewelry products. Each customized pearl necklace, pearl engagement ring, set of pearl earrings or other pearl jewelry item is made using the highest quality materials. And because there is no middleman, buying pearls is actually affordable.

Each gem sold from The Pearl Source online store is inspected by specialists. They inspect, alter and ensure the quality of each one of the gemstones and all pearl jewelry sold online. Read The Pearl Source Reviews Today!